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Updated: Mar 26, 2019

The UAW-Ford Joint Apprentice Program is designed for employees with the desire and ambition to attain higher goals.  It prepares individuals to become certified Skilled Tradespersons.  It pays while you learn and, upon completion, provides a way for newly-graduated journeypersons to achieve higher pay, greater job satisfaction and can even point the way to additional career opportunities. All full-time seniority Ford Motor Company employees interested in earning a position on the facility’s Apprentice Eligibility List must successfully complete the Industrial Readiness Certificate Program (IRCP).  This program consists of three standardized, non-accredited courses completed through the local approved college or the online provider.  Successful completion consists of a Pass/Fail basis – 75% and higher is passing.  Employee Tuition Assistance Program benefits will apply. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE EMPLOYEE TUITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM   The three standardized classes of the UAW-Ford Industrial Readiness Certificate Program are:

IRCP1: Mathematics – Shop Arithmetic

IRCP2: Drafting – Machine Tool Blueprint Reading

IRCP3: Trade Related Preparation

After successful completion of the three courses, you will submit your transcript to your local JAC Rep. for review and processing.  At that time you will also complete and sign the “Skilled Trades Preference Selection” form, choosing three trade preferences available at your facility.  Your JAC Rep. can help you learn more about the individual trades so that you can make an informed decision.

Your JAC Rep. will then forward your transcript, Skilled Trades Preference Selection form, and your mailing address to the National Joint Apprenticeship Committee (NJAC) for review and approval.  Once approved, the NJAC will notify you directly that you are being added to your location’s current year Apprentice Eligibility List based on your seniority and consistent with established processes. FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE

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