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Diversity and Inclusion


Mission Statement

The UAW-Ford National Joint Diversity and Inclusion Committee are committed to:

  • Creating and promoting a diverse, inclusive, and respectful workplace where everyone is appreciated for what they bring to the organization.

  • Ensuring mutual respect by proactively contributing to the Union and Company objectives of diversity and inclusion.

  • Continuously reviewing, discussing, and recommending ways and means to facilitate awareness of equal application, diversity, inclusion and sexual harassment issues.


The Union and the Company follows Ph.D. Tina Rasmussen’s definition of Diversity as:


 The mosaic of people who bring a variety of backgrounds, styles, perspectives, beliefs and competencies as assets to the groups and organizations with whom they interact.

Diversity Mosaic Participant Workbook – Developing Cultural Competence

A mosaic is made up of a combination of individual pieces. These pieces, when put together, make up a whole, but retain their individual qualities.


Valuing and respecting each individual creates an environment where everyone can do their best work.  If an employee’s input is discounted because they are different, the organization misses valuable opportunities to advance. A more diverse workforce increases creativity, innovation, productivity, and profits.


 To contact the Diversity and Inclusion Program, please call 313-392-7000 and enter 9 at the prompt.

Diversity Students
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