Tuition Assistance benefits for eligible full-time employees include:

Employee Tuition Assistance Program (ETAP) – $6,000 (per calendar year) in Tuition Assistance:

  • $6,000 per year in Tuition Assistance (GED, Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, PhD).
  • $3,000 of the $6,000 can be used for work-related Personal Development Assistance courses (PDA) including Industrial Readiness Certificate Program (IRCP) courses.
  • $1,500 of the $3,000 can be used for Personal Development Education Enrichment courses (PDA-EEC).
  • Up to $600 can be used for book reimbursements for courses covered through ETAP or PDA tuition assistance plans.

Additional benefits include:

  • Community Engagement Scholarship for Dependent Children (CES) up to $1,500 reimbursement for tuition for dependent children.
  • Survivor Education and Training Assistance Program (SETAP) provides Tuition Assistance for the spouse or dependent child(ren) of a deceased employee who passes while on active rolls or medical leave.
  • National Vocational Retraining Assistance Program (NVRAP) up to $9,400 for educational and retraining assistance for employees on indefinite layoff.

Tuition Assistance benefits for eligible Temporary Employees:

  • Up to $3000 of Personal Development Assistance (PDA) per calendar year for Industrial Readiness Certificate Program (IRCP) courses only.

Tuition Assistance applications are processed through the Online Tuition Assistance Application System (ONTAAS) for eligible employees.

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