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Employee Support Services Program



The UAW-Ford National ESSP & Wellbeing Committee is committed to providing professional, confidential help and support to employees in resolving personal and work issues that impact health, well-being or job performance.



ESSP is confidential and voluntary


 Your employment status or opportunities for advancement are not jeopardized in any way by participating in this program.  Information used for evaluation or referral does not become part of your personnel record. The purpose of this program is to help employees with their personal issues.

ESSP helps resolve multiple issues

Your local ESSP Representative draws on resources from a number of professional agencies (including CDRs) and private counselors to help people resolve difficult situations with:

  • Anger Management

  • Depression

  • Wellness (Nutrition, Weight Loss)


Your local ESSP Representative works hand-in-hand with your local CDR Agency on resolving your personal problems. 

Why use the Employee Support Services Program (ESSP)?

ESSP is an Employee Assistance Program that can help in the identification, education, referral and follow-up of issues that you may be experiencing.  These issues can affect job performance and relationships outside of the workplace.

Your highly-trained and compassionate local plant ESSP representative can also act as a liaison with line supervision, human resources, plant medical, central diagnosis and referral (CDR) agencies and with providers of treatment and medical centers as well as assistance with:

  • Substance abuse

  • Safe working environment

  • Emotional distress

  • Major life events, including births

  • Accidents and deaths

  • Health care concerns

  • Financial or legal concerns

  • Family/personal relationship issues

  • Work-relationship issues

These problems may take away from your “quality of life” by consuming your time, your thoughts and your energy. When this happens, every aspect of your life is affected.

Who is eligible?

Our program provides help and support in resolving personal, job or family issues for UAW-represented Ford hourly and salaried employees.  The program is designed to help UAW-represented Ford hourly and salaried employees identify, resolve and gain control over a variety of personal issues.  Eligible employees include:

  • All UAW-Ford hourly active (including STS and TPT)

  • Salaried employees (including supplemental)

  • Dependent family members

The first step is recognizing that a problem exists. The second step is to contact your local ESSP Representative or CDR for assistance and guidance.

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