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Education, Development and Training Program - Labor Studies

Labor Studies Opportunities

Labor studies programs give members an opportunity to study the history of the labor movement, labor law and collective bargaining. These courses/programs examine worker, workplace and union-related subjects including the roles and functions of unions in the global economy and democratic societies.  UAW-Ford encourages employees to participate in labor studies opportunities so they may gain insight into and an understanding of issues and events that affect their lives, workplaces and communities.

Many colleges offer courses, certificate and degree programs in Labor Studies, both online and on-campus. Additionally, various organizations and colleges host conferences and trainings throughout the year.  Eligible UAW-Ford employees may use job-related PDA tuition assistance funds ($3,000.00) to cover tuition, books and conference registration fees for approved courses and conferences. Tuition assistance must be approved prior to attending. Reimbursements are not allowed and conference meals and travel expenses are not covered by the program.  For more information on some of the available Labor Studies programs, click on the links below.  For additional information contact the EDTP department at 1-800-367-3829 or email:

To apply for tuition assistance visit


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