For Retirees(RETAP)

The Retiree Education & Training Assistance Plan (RETAP) feature of tuition assistance allows attendance in active employee tuition assistance classes held on-site at any plant, local union hall, or other approved local program delivery sites (up to $2,000 annually). These retirees can also utilize half of their RETAP benefits ($1,000) to take approved courses at regionally-approved colleges/universities, as well as at approved providers.

If both the Ford facility and the local union hall are closed and there are no other UAW or Ford locations within 50 miles, retirees may use the entire RETAP allotment (up to $2,000) to take courses at regionally-accredited colleges/universities and approved providers.

If you would like to apply for funding through the Retiree Education & Training Assistance Plan, please visit to fill out an online application.